Thursday, August 23, 2012

Induction to Motherhood

Only two and a half months since I've become a mommy and my baby girl has wasted no time and spared me no expense of testing my resolve for Motherhood. So far I've been sneezed on directly in my face on a pretty regular basis. I've also been spit up on several times, and experienced things that I NEVER imagined happening to me prior to becoming a being pee peed on.

But the absolute worst so far has been having her "poop" during the middle of a diaper change and it got on my hand. Ewww gross right!?! Yet I handled it well and didn't even freak out like I normally would in my pre-mommy days. Instead I just cleaned my hand off, finished changing her, washed my hands about 5 more times just for good measure, then kissed her and told her how much I love her.

So after going through all that, without walking out and leaving her with her Dad, I think I can safely say I have successfully passed by first round of new mommy initiation test. I believe I have been officially inducted into the wonderful world of "Motherhood".

Still, despite all the aforementioned gross things she has done to me, what I find the most joy and delight in thus far is sitting in my rocking chair with her snuggled securely in my arms with her head pressed against my chest. Quietly, I pray over her as she falls asleep to the comforting sound of my heartbeat. 

My second favorite thing so far is standing over her crib each morning watching her with sheer enthusiasm and anticipation of her opening her eyes to the new day. As she awakes she looks up with sparkles of love in her beautiful precious little eyes. When she sees me there ready and waiting to greet her, she fills up the room with her smile like the sun lighting the world as it makes its daily ascension in the sky. Then together we start a new day of her giving me more joy than I've ever known and me bathing her in more love than I ever knew my heart could give.

 ~Until next time I surround you in love & light!

A One Love Production
By Anna "Ms. Poet" Hendricks
Copyright 2012