Sunday, February 23, 2014

Celebrity Pisces List Part 1:February 19th - 23rd

Happy Birthday Fellow Pisces! Here's my list of celebrity Pisces who celebrated birthday's with us this week. I share a birthday on the same day as famous Pisces Rihanna and Legendary actor Sidney Poitier on February 20th. Check out the following list of celebrity Pisces, for this first week of Pisces birthday season, and see what famous person you shared a birthday with this week as well.

Then enjoy the attached Inspirational Love Note video by Stevie Wonder dedicated from me to all you fellow Pisces getting your birthday celebration on all weekend long. 

February 19th

Singer - Seal, 51

Singer - Smokey Robinson, 74

February 20th

Singer - Rihanna, 26

Actor - Sidney Poitier, 87

Former NBA Player - Charles Barkley, 51

Model - Cindy Crawford, 48

Legendary Jazz Singer - Nancy Wilson, 77

Actress - Sandy Duncan , 68

Legendary Clothes Designer - Gloria Vanderbilt, 90

Ex-Wife of Donald Trump - Ivana Trump, 65

February 21st

Actress - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 39

Actress - Rue McClanahan. (1934-2010-Best known as Blanche on The Golden Girls)

Actor - Kelsey Grammer, 59

Legendary Singer - Nina Simone (1933 - 2003)

Politician, Civil Rights Activist, Georgia U.S. Representative -John Lewis, 74

February 22nd

The first U.S. President - George Washington (1732 -1799)

Actress - Drew Barrymore, 39

NBA Player - Rajon Rondo, 28

NBA Legend - Julius Dr. J Erving, 64

Co-Host of ABC's The Chew - Clinton Kelly, 45

Politician -Ted Kennedy, 77 (Youngest brother of President John F. Kennedy)

February 23rd

Child Star - Dakota Fanning, 20

Actress - Niecy Nash, 44

Entrepreneur - Daymond John, 45
(Founder of FUBU urban clothing line currently starring on ABC's Shark Tank)

The attached video is a song Stevie Wonder wrote as a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in celebration of his birthday simply title, Happy Birthday. Although it was originally written with Dr. King in mind, I thought it was also befitting to dedicated to those famous Pisces on the above list and all, you not so famous, Pisces celebrating birthday's this week as well.

Like Dr. King, Pisces are people who also strongly believe in the dream of seeing peace, harmony, justice, equality, unity and love throughout humanity and in our everyday lives. 

So Happy Birthday fellow Pisces! Now sit back, listen and enjoy this beautifully written song and equally beautiful video graphics; dedicated to you today from my heart to yours with Love

Until next time...I surround you in Love & Light! So remember to keep your heart open and your love light shinning bright. 

A One Love Production
By Anna M. Hendricks
Copyright 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Pisces!

For my Inspirational Love Note today, I'm sending a super duper big birthday hug  filled with an extra special vibration of love to all my fellow Pisces celebrating birthday's starting today, February 19th through March 20. By the way, this special birthday wish goes out to all Pisces includes myself who will be getting my own celebrating on tomorrow as I celebrate my birthday too. 
I pray that this will be the absolute best birthday year you have had thus far. Also, I pray that on your special day you are surrounded by those who love you most, know you best and have your highest interest at heart and hand. Lastly, I pray that your life be blessed with more abundance of good than you can hold and your heart filled with more love and joy than you can stand. 

In the meantime, spend the next thirty days living, laughing and loving like only a Pisces can. And sense Pisces is the zodiac known for being such a giving sign and always doing for others first and self last. I encourage and strongly advise you to begin the above mentioned process for the next thirty days by doing something loving for yourself. 

Until next time...I surround you Love & Light!  So remember to keep your heart open and your love light shining bright.

A One Love Production
By Anna M. Hendricks
Copyright 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Time to Love

To everything there is a season,
a time for every purpose under the sun.
There's a time to face the challenges of adversities,
and a time to celebrate great
victory’s we have won.

There’s a time when countries go to war,
and a time for all wars to cease.
There's a time to let go...a time to let God,
a time to know when to surrender and release.
Yet, now is the time to start resolving
 our differences in a way that brings
 all humanity peace.

Although life as we have known is changing,
God’s will for us to have a good life is not yet done.
Just as nature regenerates itself after winter 
when spring comes,
the season of new beginnings for us
 has just begun.

We have gone through fire, water, 
snow storms and earthquakes
that caused the earth to tremble and shake.
Even a major reconstruction of our economic system,
 as a country we have had to face.
Yet, I am convinced that regardless of what may appear,
now is the time and this is the year
 to see God bring us out into a comfortable place.

Now is the time for us to come together,
with one vision…as one nation.
Divided no more by different race, creed or
 views of religion,
Let's come together as one...
For we are all God’s creation.

Every good and perfect gift comes
from our Father above…
And there’s no better time than now to
give one another His greatest gift of all
...the perfect gift of love.

I originally wrote this poem back in 2010 inspired by all the catastrophic events and major economic and societal changes that unfolded at the time causing much fear, anxiety, doubt and hopelessness here in the U.S and around the world. 

I thought February being the month of Love was a good time to share this revised shorter version with you. However, as an added bonus, that I also perceive as divine confirmation, I just discovered, that two of my favorite music artist collaborated on a song that reinforces the message of my poem. Stevie Wonder has an album with the same title as my poem, A Time to Love, and the single features the lovely and talented India Arie. 

After listening to this version with the lyrics also posted in the video I thought it was the perfect compliment to my poem and wanted to share it as part of my Inspirational Love Note for you today. That said, please enjoy the music video attached of this beautifully written and performed song by Stevie Wonder featuring India Arie, sharing the same title as my poem, A Time to Love.

A One Love Production
Poem ~A Time to Love
By Anna Ms.Poet Hendricks
Copyright 2010, Revised February 2014
References: Holy Bible (Lamsa’s Aramaic Translation)
Ecclesiastes 3:1, John 10:10, Matthew 10:8,
Psalm 66:9 &12, James 1:17, 1 Corinthians 13:13
Music Video, A Time to Love, By Stevie Wonder f/India Arie,

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Day After Valentine's Day: Where is the Love?

So Valentine's Day has now come and gone. Everyone is done running around for last minute gifts to give to their beloved. The stores have already moved on to promoting the next major holiday they can commercialize and bring in the most profit from.  So what happens now to all those high vibrations of love that so heavily saturated the air just yesterday intoxicating us with every breath we took in and exhaled? 

Did all those "good vibrations" expire on Valentines Day at midnight and just evaporate like the carriage that turned back into a pumpkin in the Cinderella fairytale? I most certainly hope not.

I admit, I too am a supporter of celebrating Valentine's Day simply because it is a day we set aside to honor the greatest and most powerful force in the entire universe. Also, because God is love and we are made in His image and likeness. Thus, the true essence of our being is love. For this very reason I believe our thoughts, hearts and actions should not be limited to being open to conscious vibrations and expressions of love for only two days a year...Christmas and Valentine's Day. 

Everyday should be looked upon with the same positive attitude and patience, generous acts of kindness and an open heart of compassion that we do on the day we have set aside as a society to honor and celebrate love called...St.Valentine's Day. 

In truth, everyday is a perfect day to celebrate and honor love. Why? Because everyday you are blessed to awake of sound mind and able body is another opportunity to express the love that God is, expressing in and through us all. So just because Valentine's Day is over do not let your efforts and actions to express love to yourself and other's be over and done as well. 

Let us remember the characteristics of love as defined in the attached image quoted from
1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Love has many attributes but of them all let us make a more conscious effort to remember at least these few most important ones...Love is is is not is not easily keeps no record of wrongs. More simply stated, above all else, love is... patient, thoughtful, compassionate and considerate of others, respectful, and forgiving.

Now that Valentine's Day is over you may have  been thinking all the loving vibrations in the air are gone and unconsciously closed your heart and mind to expressing love. Instead, remain consciously open and aware of the love that is always readily available to you as the divine love in you waiting to be expressed through you in the unique way God created only you to be. 

Until next time...I surround you in Love & light! So remember to keep your heart open and your love light shinning bright. 

A One Love Production
By Anna M. Hendricks
Copyright 2014
References: Holy Bible,

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Light Spot Light:Celebrity Aquarius List Part 2

Happy Birthday Aquarius! Here's my list of celebrity Aquarian's who celebrated birthday's with you this week. Also included in today's Inspirational Love Note, with all you water bearer's in mind, is my Love Light Spot Light artist for this week, famous Aquarius Bob Marley.

So check out the list of celebrity Aquarius below. Then enjoy the short featured article and video featuring, Legendary Aquarius, Bob Marley with today's Inspirational Love Note message through song.

February 2
Rapper - Gucci Mane ~ 34

February 3
Singer - Sean Kingston ~ 24

February 4
Civil Rights Activist - Rosa Parks ~ 1913 - 2005

Boxer - Oscar de la Hoya ~ 41

February 5
Legendary Major League Baseball Player - Hank Aaron ~ 80

Singer (Former member of the R&B group New Edition- Bobby Brown ~ 45

February 6
Legendary Reggae Singer - Bob Marley ~ 1945-1981

Jazz & Pop Singer and daughter of Legendary Singer Nat King Cole - Natalie Cole ~ 64

Actor - Robert Townsend ~ 57

February 7
Comedian - Chris Rock ~ 49

Actor - Ashton Kutcher ~ 36

Actress - Essence Atkins ~ 42

February 8
Actor - Pooch Hall ~ 37

February 9
Actor - Joe Pesci ~ 71
Actress - Camille Winbush ~ 24 ( known for her role as Vanessa on the Bernie Mac show)

February 10
Legendary Singer - Roberta Flack ~ 77

February 11
Singer - Kelly Rowland ~ 33
Singer/Actress - Brandy ~ 35
Actress - Jennifer Aniston ~ 45
Singer - Sheryl Crow ~52
Actor - Burt Reynolds ~78
Politician - Sarah Palin ~50

February 12
U.S. President- Abraham Lincoln ~(1809-1865)
Actor/Comedian/TV Show Host - Arsenio Hall

February 13
TV Show Host - Jerry Springer ~70

February 14
TV Actress - Florence Henderson ~ 80 
(most known for her role as Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch)

And this weeks celebrity in the Love Light Spot Light, is the man who introduced Reggae music to the world, Loss Legend and celebrity Aquarius, Bob Marley.

Here are a few factoids you may not have known about Bob Marley:

He was born to interracial parents, his father was European - Jamaican of British heritage and his mother was African-Jamaican.

His birth name is Nesta Robert Marley and his first but  a Jamaican passport official mistakenly switched around his first and middle name to Robert Nesta Marley.

He was born February 6, 1945 on his maternal grandfather's farm in Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaican. And later, after marrying his wife Rita Anderson in 1966, he moved to the United States for a short while in Wilmington, Delaware to be near his mother who had moved there earlier. 

While living in Wilmington, Delaware he worked for DuPont as a lab assistant and on the assembly line at Chrysler under the alias name, Donald Marley. 

He was raised a Catholic by his mom and converted to Rastafari in the 60's after moving away from his mother's influence in Wilmington, Delaware back to his homeland Jamaica.  

Bob Marley, his wife Rita and his manager Don Taylor suffered gunshot wounds from an assassination attempt on his life on December 3, 1976 and he still showed up to perform for the concert he was preparing for two days later called, Smile Jamaica, organized by the Prime Minister of Jamaica at the time, Michael Manley. 

At the end of 1976 Bob Marley left Jamaica and lived in England for 2 years in self-imposed exile. 

Although Marley was a devout Rastafari for several years, on November 4, 1980 shortly before his death, he was baptised into Christianity by Archbishop Abuna Yeseshaq of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Kingston Jamaica. 

He was awarded the Peace Medal of the Third World from the United Nations in 1978.

In February 1981, just a few months before his death, he was awarded Jamaica's third highest honor, the Jamaican Order of Merit making his official name and title Nesta Robert Marley OM. 

Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981 in Miami after a long battle with a form of cancer called melanoma that had spread throughout his body including his lungs and brain which was the cause of his death. 

Long after his death he continued to receive accolades and awards for his legendary contributions to music which included a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in February 2001. 

In 2004 he was ranked number 11 on Rolling Stones list of 100 Greatest Artist of All Time.

Bob Marley...a loss legend who's memory will always be honored and his music will always be an Inspirational Love Note  to the hearts and minds of generations still yet to come. 
In closing, enjoy this video to one of his most popular songs to date, One Love,  that was named song of the millennium by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and a perfect song with a perfect message to also honor both Black History Month and Valentines Day today. 

Until Next time...I surround you in Love & light! So remember to keep your heart open and your love light shining bright. 

A One Love Production
By Anna M. Hendricks
Copyright 2014
References : ,,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ten Ways to Love

My Inspirational Love Note message for you today is the attached list of ten ways to love that include scriptures from the bible that align with and support each point and suggestion. Review each one carefully. Then share the scriptures given with it...and above all else begin to put into practice the wisdom of each profound message on this list.

Begin to consciously make an effort to adopt this string of wisdom pearls into your attitude and behavior in your most intimate and important relationships. As you do you are guaranteed to see your love begin to grow and thrive not just barely survive. 

Why do I feel this list is so full proof? It is because of two things I have tried and seen proven true. That is, as with any plan or idea, it only works if you work it...i.e. put it into consistent practice with patience and stay with it long enough to see results begin to manifest. Secondly, and most importantly, I believe as holy scripture tell us and have seen many times for my self in my own life experiences that Love never fails. 

People fail when they choose to give up on love but love never gives up on you because love is God and God is the one constant in this ever changing world. And here are ten ways to do your love test, draw your own love conclusion, and receive your own proof of all the aforementioned about love being true. 

Until next time...I surround you in Love & light! So always keep your heart open and your love light shining bright. 

A One Love Production
Copyright 2014
Reference: Ten Ways to Love image 
obtained from love images Google search at

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February: 28 Days of Celebrating and Honoring Love

At my place of spiritual worship and church home, Hillside International Chapel & Truth Center, in Atlanta, Georgia, we celebrate every month by honoring and recognizing one of the twelve Spiritual faculties that we each embody as spiritual beings having a human experiences in the physical body. Yet, while living in the physical world on this human journey we are in Truth, and in essence, still children of the Most High God made in His image and likeness which is ultimately....Love

As beacons of light and vessels of love what better time of year to celebrate, honor and remember our true essence, and the highest power and energy in the universe, than February, the month of love. This is also the same reason and purpose I created and named this blog Inspirational Love Notes

That being said, all of my Inspirational Love Note messages to you this month will be focused on celebrating and honoring our love as always. However, I'll be turning up the love light notch to just a little bit higher vibration than usual all this month to ensure that you really feel it and hopefully inspire you to raise the love light vibration in your heart this month as well. 

I'd like to begin by sharing the following quote from today's message from my church homes monthly publication booklet of spiritually based inspiring messages called, The Daily Thoughts from the Hill. 

"The more we delve into the spiritual idea that all of life is connected and birthed of the same spiritual substance, the easier it will be to see our relationships as spiritual practice-even the challenging ones. Our relationships are perfect mirrors for us to see ourselves. They show us where we need to grow, where we are holding judgment, where we have forgiven, and where we have not. Everyone in our lives is there for a divine purpose."  

So as we kick off celebrating the month of love, now four days in, let us also use this month to take a good look in the mirror...the mirror of our closest, most intimate relationships, including and especially our most important relationship of all...our relationship with self. 

As you look in that mirror allow yourself to see and accept the truth that is being reflected back at you through that relationship with your spouse, romantic partner, significant other, or mate and the relationships you have with close friends, family and co-workers as well. 

They all have some kind of important and essential message or lesson they bring for your personal and spiritual growth. And while some of them may be challenging to be a part of, they are on your life path to help you learn, realize or change some aspect about how you perceive, approach or respond to life and love. So as as you look in that mirror look with compassion and know that it's not one sided because you are on their life path to contribute to their personal and spiritual growth and development as well.

Don't be afraid. Go look in that relationship mirror before this day is done with an open heart and non-judgmental mind. You might be surprised to discover just how long love has been trying to get your attention through that particular relationship. Likewise, you might be equally surprised to realize what life and love has been using your most challenging relationships to try to tell you or get you to see something very important about yourself and your own perception of love

Until next time...I surround you in LOVE & light! So remember to always keep your heart open and let your love light shine bright. 

A One Love Production
By Anna M. Hendricks
Copyright 2014
References: Daily Thought from the Hill, February 2014 issue, 
Hillside International Chapel & Truth Center