Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought:A December to Remember

So here we are....December. The final month of the year. The month that also brings with it the biggest holiday season of the year and all the increased levels of stress and anxiety that comes along with it as well. So for my Inspirational Love Notes, Sunday's Food For Thought message for you this week I thought I'd suggest a few ways you can make this a December to Remember. 

The first way you can make this a more pleasurable and memorable final month of the year, is by not putting so much focus on the commercialism built up around Christmas. Instead, try putting more emphasis on making your new year start off with you feeling good. And the way to do that is by making choices now that will make your future self happy.

So just what do I mean by that? are a few examples of how you can make choices now that will make your future self happy:

1.) Don't over spend on gifts you really can't afford and will have to face the debt you created later. Your future self will be so happy that you made wise financial choices now that will make life and your bank account much better off for you later.

2.) Don't try to buy gifts for everyone in the family and your friendship circle, the postman, the neighbor next door and co-workers too. That's absurd!!! This year, try only buying for the children in your family who are under 18 years old instead. Or even younger than that if you can get away with it. The adults should understand and be supportive of putting the children first and making it more about them.  Which brings me to my next suggestion.

3.) Be honest with yourself and others about what you can or cannot afford to do. If you are not in a financial position to buy gifts for everyone, or anyone this for that matter, don't be in denial about it. Don't spend money you really do not have just to avoid feeling embarrassed or pressured by family and friends.

Your future self will respect you for being true to yourself and your financial ability at the time that will support your financial situation later by living within your means. 

4.)  Don't make plans to go out of your way, especially if that means traveling out of town, to spend the holiday season with people who do not make you feel good about yourself when you're around them. Even if it is family(and more often than not it is) and it's tradition that you go home every year it just not worth putting yourself through the unnecessary pain. Forcing yourself to spend the holiday season with people who only make you feel depressed and put down rather than jolly, celebrated and loved does not serve you well.

As an adult you have a right to start your own holiday tradition. And your future self will appreciate and love you more for honoring yourself by no longer allowing yourself to spend the holiday season with people who don't make you feel loved, lovable, or loving. If going around certain family members and friends only brings you down instead of lift you up I say you owe it to yourself to make other plans this year with people who make you feel good about being you.  

5.) Get plenty of rest and don't over eat. December brings the holiday season where we are surrounded by the irresistible aroma's of our favorite sweets like cakes, pies, cookies and other baked goodies. We're also exposed to more than our fair share of foods that are fun to eat during this time of year but are loaded with sugar and high in fat. 

When we over indulge in them we enjoy it in the moment but our bodies pay for it later. So this year, make a conscious choice to eat your favorite holiday foods in moderation. Your body will thank you for doing so later. 

So those are a few suggestions I hope you will find helpful, should you take heed to them, that will make your future self happy after the holiday season has come and gone. But the best suggestion I can offer you that will make this a December to remember is that, whatever gifts you do give, whatever meals and sweet treats you cook, don't forget the real reason for the season. Let all you do this holiday season be done with a spirit of Love.

Until next time....have a wonderful holiday season. And remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!!  

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought: He Who Holds My Future (Poem)

I can't control what goes on 
outside my door....
I can't control between
the rich and poor....
who pays less taxes and who pays more.

I can't control the attitudes, opinions,
and behavior of co-workers,
neighbors, family and friends....
And I certainly can't control  if life
as we know it in our country
will soon come to an end.

Yet, what I can control is 
my own state of mind....
I can control if I 
am critical, judgmental, and mean,
Or respectful, peaceful, and kind.

I can control whether or not,
I live in worry, anxiety, and fear,
Or walk by faith and not 
by sight....

I can choose to keep promoting
peace and harmony,
And let love be my guiding light....

I can also control my prayers,
And keep trusting God to be my protector
when I lay down to sleep at night.

No I can't control the future,
but I can surrender my future into
 God's hands....
And I can trust that God's divine
plans for me,
will always succeed over man's.

Dedicated to all those who are overwhelmed with fear, doubt, and anxiety about your personal future and the future of our great country. I invite you and hopefully through this poem have inspired you, to let your faith in God be greater than your fears of the world. And no matter what continue to practice peace and love.

Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and let your LOVE light shine!!!  

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought: Dream Catcher (Poem)

My dreams are mine alone
both new and old....

They are desires of my heart
I long to behold....

Yet my dreams are no longer
just dreams to grow cold....

My beautiful, precious dreams
have now also become my goals.

So help me God to remember
whether my dreams are big or small....

Always keep an open heart
as my net to catch them all.

This is just a short, yet affirmative, poem from my personal dream journal. I wanted to share it in hopes that it may be an empowering source of inspiration to you as it is for me. 

Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! 

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow: Hello Sweet November (Poem)

Hello Sweet November....
With open arms I welcome you
May you bring us all fresh blessings,
With the autumn morning dew

Hello Sweet November....
It's good to see you again too
May you help us gently release the
things and people that we outgrew
While giving thanks for those who have
remained with us genuine and true

Hello Sweet November....
You are the month where we begin
Our year end review
And as we look back at all that we've
come through
Help us forgive ourselves and other's
For the things we can't undo

Hello Sweet November....
To old dreams may you give us
new courage to pursue
And for lovers who's romantic hearts have died
May you revive....restore....and renew
Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! ~ Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016
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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought: Floating On the Wings of Love

There is a popular 70's R&B group called The Floaters with a classic hit song called, "Float On".
The hook of the song says, "take my hand.....come with me baby to Loveland. Let me show you how sweet it can be sharing love with me. Float...Float on...Float on...Float on..."

Now I get that some people don't believe you can receive a spiritual message from a secular song. But I beg to differ. Spirit...Source...God... has infinite ways of communicating to us using whatever means necessary to get the message through.

And the message I received for this weeks Inspirational Love Notes, Sunday's Food For Thought, message from Spirit  through this song to share with you, is to surrender every problem and every concern regarding your life today to the divine order of God.

Then go about your day worry free as you, "Take God's hand...go with Spirit to Loveland...Let the Holy Spirit show you how sweet it can be...sharing peace and love with the Eternal Loving Presence of the Most High in you and me."

Hold this message in your heart and mind today. As you, "Float...Float on the raft of God's Grace with Gratitude...Float on the waves of God's promises and perfect provision while giving total praise

Float on the perfection of divine order and prosperity with an inner peace that passes all human level understanding. Most importantly, in all your ways, float on the mighty wings of God's Divine Love knowing the fullness of his presence is with you and for you all ways. 
Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! ~Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Friday, October 28, 2016

An Inspirational Love Notes:Fantastic Fun Day Friday Message For You

As I was doing my daily meditation this morning I opened my windows and caught a whiff of the fresh air and saw how beautiful it is outside today.Then as I went into my mediation time this following message of prayer and appreciation came to me. So after writing it down in my journal I was inspired to come and share some of it with you here to inspire you through the rest of your day as well.

With that said, here it is:

Today I give thanks to God for this most beautiful, splendid, glorious, gorgeous, awesome, amazing, abundant, bountiful, magnificent, love fueled, joy-filled, blissful, fun-infused, marvelous, care-free, loving day. 

This is my day!!! This is your day!!! This is a good day!!! This is a gloriously blessed and powerfully prosperous day simply because this is the day the Lord our God, the Most High has made....perfect, whole, and complete. Then God went the extra mile to breathed His breath of life in you and me to awaken us to take part and be glad in it. Therefore, today is an awesome day for no other reason than the fact that today is our gift from our Holy Divine Creator called, The Present. 

So whether this is your pay day Friday or not, I invite you....I encourage you....I hopefully will inspire you through this message, to join me in seeing this day as Fantastic Fun Day Friday. In so doing, I pray that every where you go and in all that you do you will find something throughout your day....THIS DAY....that will give you reason to pause and laugh, smile and inhale the fresh air, take in the warmth of the sunshine, open your heart, arms and mind, and embrace the perfection of this day that is God's masterpiece creation that you get to be a part of and witness from your human perspective. 

What a joy that is!!!! Allow yourself to realize what a blessing that is!!! Accept and acknowledge what a miracle it is to still be here today...on this Fantastic Fun Friday!!! 

Allow your heart to delight in God this day to the degree that you are filled with countless reasons to give thanks for the blissful bounty of beautiful blessings that surround you and attract to you today and all weekend long. 

Go in peace and love today my friends knowing who is your endless, infinite supply and supplier....the Eternal Loving Presence of our Father/Mother Most High God.

Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! ~ Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love :-)

A One Love Production

By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought:Don't Put A Period Where God Put A Comma

One thing we all have in common is that in life we all make plans and have dreams. Like wise, we all hope that our plans work out and our dreams come true. Yet, with all our good intentions and well thought out plans, fact is, sometimes things just don't always unfold as we had hoped. Sometimes it's due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control. Other times our plans don't work out as we had intended at the hand of our own human error, mistakes, or poor decisions.

Still, there are also those times when we carefully take our time, do everything right, and things still just don't go the way we wanted them to for reasons beyond our human understanding. When either of these scenario's happen it can leave you feeling deep levels of disappointment in your now moment and doubt about your future that lies ahead.

So for this weeks, Inspirational Love Notes, Sunday's Food For Thought message, I'd like to share some personal insights I've come to learn from times like this that have unfolded in my life that left me feeling exactly that way. Yes, I too have had experiences, more times than I can count, that have left me feeling deep disappointment over what had happened, doubt about what might happen next, and worry over whether or not things would ever work out as I desire and  have prayed for my life. 

With that said, here are the insights and lessons I have learned to appreciate and adopt in response to disappointments in life along with a bible scripture that affirms each one.

Lesson #1:

NEVER give up on Love. (see 1 Corinthians 13:7)

Lesson #2: 

Keep believing and trusting in God. (see Psalm 27:14 )

Lesson #3:

Keep believing in your dreams for the life you have envisioned for yourself and deeply desire. Keep holding on to the vision God has given you for your family, the use of your talents, gifts, successful career, and to find your happily ever after with your true love if that too is something you deeply desire. (see Psalm 37:4)

Lesson #4:

Keep praying without ceasing and surrender all to God. Keep believing your prayers are being heard. And expect them to be answered by God in the perfect time and way. In fact, keep an open and receptive heart as you look for God's answers to your prayers as you go about your daily routines in life. Remember, the holy scriptures says in Matthew 7:7-8, "Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find...."

So believe always in your heart that your prayers do not fall on deaf ears with God. Whatever you pray for do so with a genuine heart giving thanks in advance that it is so. Then release the need to the universe trusting that help is on the way. (see James 1:6 and Philippians 4:6)

Lesson #5: 

This one is the most important of all and that matter who comes or chooses to leave your matter how many times you try and matter how many unexpected situations arise that cause your circumstances to continue to change in ways that seem to be obstacles, adversity or contrasting conditions that slow your progress....NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON OR STOP BELIEVING IN YOU. 

Lesson #6

Never allow yourself to walk around like, the cartoon character, Charlie Brown kicking rocks with your head held down wallowing for long periods of time in self pity, discouragement, darkness, and despair. 

Never allow yourself to become so filled with the negative energy and thoughts that accompany feelings of disappointment that you end up on a downward spiral that results in you falling into a deep depression. 

Don't allow yourself to succumb to the belief that just because things haven't worked out as you would like so far means that it never will.

You are a child of the Most High God. And regardless of what preferred name you feel most comfortable calling that Benevolent Divine Higher Power and Holy Presence that created us all, truth is, God's plans and will for you is always to prosper, thrive, live an abundant life and succeed. (see Jeremiah 29:11 and John 10:10)

Lesson #7

Never take score too early by putting a period where God may have only put a comma or a be continued. When you allow yourself to become filled with disappointment, discouragement, and doubt to the point that you start believing that things you've been desiring that haven't happened yet are never going to happen, this is exactly what you are doing through that kind of thinking, feeling, and believing. 

You are taking score too soon because you cannot see from your human perspective what God can see from the higher vantage point of Divine Mind. So it is always best instead to just keep trusting and believing that all things are possible with God. (see 1 Corinthians 2:9 and Mark 9:23) 

Lastly, when you take score too soon by putting a period where God has put a comma, you are underestimating the power of Love, which means you're also underestimating the power of God because God is Love. And again, the holy scriptures tells us in, 1 Corinthians 13:6, "...that love never fails"...thus, God never fails.

I am a living witness from my own life experience that divine love, as God, has the power to turn anything.... and I do mean ANYTHING around to work in your favor. And truth is, it's always working in your favor already no matter how long the condition or circumstances have been going on. 

No matter how long you've been waiting for your prayer to be answered or your desire to be fulfilled, as long as you are still breathing, of sound mind, and in your conscious physical body it's never too're never too old....your story is not over yet. 

Remember, as long as God has put a comma on your situation rather than a period it means your story is still being written. It means God still has more to say. And until God writes your final chapter and has the last say your job is to keep the faith trusting him all the way. Cause no matter what, all things are working together for the good of those who love God. (see Romans 8:28) Be encouraged my friends.

 Until next time...remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! ~ Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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