Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought:Let Go and Let God - A Poem of Serenity and Surrender

Dear God,

Help me to surrender all my hearts desires
into you loving hands
Help me to trust in the perfection of your 
divinely orchestrated plan

Sweet serenity in you Lord,
is what I most yearn
So unto you I surrender
my daily worries, frustrations, 
And worldly concerns

That in exchange you may
fill my mind and heart,
with your perfect peace
Causing every single doubt
I have in me to cease

Help me remember Lord,
You are my true Source, substance,
and supply
Abundant and generous is your 
giving to me from your bountiful
well that never runs dry

This poem is dedicated to anyone who is or has been praying for something, worrying about something, pushing against something, trying to control something that is beyond your human power and control. If any of these descriptions sounds like you and your approach to whatever you've been going through and after all your efforts you still haven't figured out how to make it work out the way you want it to. Perhaps it's time to take a different approach. Let Go and Let God do for you what sometimes only he can. 

Until next time....Remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! Yours truly ~Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow: Never Underestimate The Power of God

Hello again beloveds! Can we talk candidly tonight?

Have you ever shared an idea of something you were seriously thinking about doing with someone close to you and they boldly told you they don't believe you're capable of doing it?

It really irritates me when people underestimate me. I find it really annoying when people take it upon themselves to tell me what they think I cannot do based on their limited thinking and perception of me.

I'm sure you have experienced this at some point before in your life as well. Right? And well...let's just admit it. It usually happens most often with people who have known you the longest, like family and close friends. For some strange reason they think because they've known you your whole life, or the better part of it, that they also know your capabilities best...even better than you.

So when you express something you're genuinely interested in doing, that in order to accomplish it would mean stepping outside the proverbial box they have put you in and kept you in your entire life, they seem to find it their place to boldly tell you they don't believe you can do it.

But truth is, no one knows you better than your Creator. No one knows what you are capable of doing or not better than God...your true Source. So when people tell me what they believe I can't do or accomplish it really irritates me. Because in my mind, when you underestimate me you are also underestimating my creator, the Most High God, that made me. How so?

Because God is my source and my strength. He is the one who has instilled in me the ability to do the things I am very well capable of doing. It is he who gives me the power to accomplish the things I set out to pursue and do. And the older I get, God's opinion is increasingly becoming the only one that really matters to me regarding what I'm able to accomplish or not.

The same is true for you too. God is your true source also. So let his opinion of what you're capable of doing be the only one that ultimately matters at the end of the day to you. Don't allow other people's limited perception of you to cause you to limit yourself. Don't hold back or back down from pursuing something God put in your heart and spirit to do just because the peanut gallery doesn't believe you can do it.

That being said, if there is something God has put in your heart to do, first of all it may be best to keep it to yourself for awhile until He works out at least most of the details for you. Also, everyone is not going to be on your same spiritual level of understanding and therefore will not be able to share you same level of faith about it as you or in you. Unfortunately, this means sometimes we have to walk alone for awhile in order to get where God is taking us.

Secondly, God gave
 you the vision not your family and friends. So although it does feel good to have the support and blessing of family and friends when your pursuing a desired dream or aspiration, they can't see the vision for it the way you can because God gave the vision to you not them. So they most likely won't get it the way you do or share your same level of enthusiasm about it as well. When this happens try not to take it personal.

Lastly, if you do decide to share your dream, aspirations, or plans with them and they tell you they don't believe, for whatever reason, you can accomplish what you have shared with them you have received in your heart to pursue, your best response to them should simply be the following quote from Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

This is just a little Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow as you fall asleep tonight. 

Until next time....Remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! Yours truly, Anna MsPoet Hendricks ~ Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow:A Prayer for Mother's

Dear Mom,
On countless occasions you have proven the words and sentiment of the quote taken from the poster attached to be true. But tonight it is the exact opposite.Tonight all your children, including myself, are thinking about and praying for you. I pray that God protects and heals you like only He can do. May He turn your situation around and make you brand new. I love you very much mom and I know you love me too. And So It Is!

I know Mother's Day was a few months ago but tonight my mom is weighing heavy on my heart and mind. You see, my mom is a very strong woman with a big beautiful heart. But she has been experiencing a health challenge that has been progressing and, as of this week, has her in the hospital. Reasonably so, it is a situation that is causing deep concern for myself and my family at this time.

I love my mom very much and it hurts me to see her experiencing what she's going through. However, I am a firm believer that prayer is the most powerful weapon you can use when faced with any trial or challenge in life, including physical ailments and health concerns.

In fact, I believe in the power of prayer so strongly that when done in multiples of two or more joining together, prayer can be the most effective remedy for any health condition and even produce miracles turning the situation around. With this in mind, prayer can be the best gift you can give to a love one in need of healing or any concern they may have.

So tonight let's stand together and band together in prayer for our love ones in need of a healing, especially if you have a mom or are a mom in need of prayer now.

Post a prayer in the comment section below that you would like me to stand in agreement with you on for your mom, yourself or loved one. And I ask that you stand in agreement with me as well on the prayer I included in the opening of this message for my mom too. Then let's trust God together for a miracle to happen for us all.

Until next time...Remember to keep your hearts open and your Love light on!!! ~ Yours truly, Anna MsPoet Hendricks- Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendicks
Copyright 2016

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought: After the Rain - A Poem For The Brokenhearted

The rain fell hard, 
like diamonds from the sky
As if the clouds just needed
to have a really good cry

Standing there, 
gazing out my window
I released a deep sigh
As I marveled at the perfect work
of our Holy Creator, 
The Most High

Yet, in the background,
just a short distance
across town
I could see the sun still shining
through a rainbow,
As the loud rumble of thunder
began to calm down

While still standing there
looking out my window,
A revelation of spirit
came over me
What some might call 
a spiritual epiphany

Either way,
 it was a moment
of clarity
Where suddenly...I was able
to vividly see
How the same truth about
that storm of nature,
also applied to the situation
I was going through
So I wrote this poem
to show how it applies
to you too

You see,
after the storms in life
that leaves you feeling
deep pain...
After the tears you cry
that falls from your eyes
like heavy rain...
Know that the light and love
of God in you and around you,
is like a rainbow 
of peace and hope
that will always remain

I originally began writing this poem two years ago and was led in spirit to finish it tonight to share with you. It was inspired by a personal situation, I had been going through for awhile at the time I began writing it, that I am currently just on the other side of God bringing me out of. It took five years for God to finally free me fully of that situation. Yet, that duration of time had far less to do with God's ability to deliver me from it and much more to do with the fact that it took that long for me to finally surrender the situation to God and allow him to deliver me from it.

So I dedicate this poem to every woman, every person, every soul like me that has endured, or is currently enduring, the healing process of a deeply wounded and broken heart. That, also like the personal experience I went through that inspired this poem, has left you feeling like an emotional hurricane has ripped through your life leaving behind all its toxic, negative, pain-filled debris for you to pick up the shattered pieces of your heart and figure out how to rebuild and love again. What I want to share with you most that I have come to learn from my personal, first hand experience of such a life storm as this, is that:

Although is may be hard to feel or see it right now...God is with you...and so is his Love. With that said, I encourage you to do as I did. Let his love for you, that is a love like no other, be the solace that comforts you through the storm, the promise of your new beginning, and the certainty that if you trust him you will indeed heal...and love again.

Until next time...Remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!!
Yours truly ~ Anna Ms. Poet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna M. Hendricks
Copyright 2016 

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow

Hello Beloveds! It's Friday!!!! The day we've all been waiting for so the weekend can begin. I hope everyone of you had an AWESOME week. Any task, errands, or work you didn't get done or situation that didn't get worked out by today it's time to let it go and try again on Monday.

If fact, my message for you tonight is about just that. Sometimes we tend to hold on to things more than we should, racking our brain, stressing ourselves out and darn near driving ourselves crazy trying to get more done in a day than the 24 hour period we're given in a day will allow. Or we work overtime trying to fix a situation and do what sometimes only God can do for us. So tonight we're going to all take a breath....woo saaaah together and let the week go.

I also want to share with you a technique I use every night as part of my daughter's bed time ritual to help her relax and go to sleep. I either stand her in front of me as I sit in the rocking chair in her room or I hold her close to me in my lap.

We then take three deep breathes together and blow each one out with force to release all the negative energy, and vibrational toxins from our bodies picked up from whatever environments we may have been in throughout the day.

Then we do her favorite part together and shake our hands in the air as if they're wet and you're trying to air dry them or get something off of them. And together we say, "shake off the day....shake off the day...shake off the day!!! We repeat that three times with enthusiasm as we let go of whatever happened throughout the day and give it to God.

So tonight I suggest you try this little technique I made up for my daughter. It sure does help me. And I feel confident if you give it a try as well, like my daughter and me, you too will go to sleep in peace knowing all is well...and all is working out for your highest and greatest good no matter how the week or your day unfolded.

This is just a little "Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow" to ponder on as you fall asleep tonight. Have a great weekend and sleep week beloveds.

Until next time....Remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! Yours truly ~Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow

One of my favorite bible scriptures on love is from 1 John 3:18. It says, "My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action." (Good News Bible Translation)

My Inspirational Love Notes-"Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow" message for you tonight is inspired from that scripture and a beautifully written passage I read a year ago about true love, in a book by one of my favorite love story authors (who's books often become great movies as well) Nicholas Sparks. He is the author of the epic love story, "The Notebook, that also became a hit movie."

The book I read last summer by him, that is also the partial inspiration for my message tonight, is from his book called, The Wedding, which is the sequel to The Notebook.

Side note: If you haven't read The Wedding by him already or didn't know he wrote a sequel to The Notebook, I highly recommend getting it from your local library where I found it, or ordering it online. It is definitely a must read if you're a hopeful romantic like me. Okay...back to my message for tonight. Lol :-)

Love, as I have come to learn, is more than three words exchanged with a kiss before bed at night, as Nicholas Sparks also said. But I would like to also add to that by saying, it is also more than three words you say at the end of a conversation before hanging up the phone. Or part of a daily morning routine before leaving for work. 

Love is sustained and maintained by action as the aforementioned biblical scripture in 1 John 3:18 also states. It is a pattern of devotion and commitment demonstrated by things you are willing to do for each other on a daily basis. It is shown in the level of willingness to allow yourself to grow spiritually, as well as emotionally, with each other. That in so doing, you may expand your perception and understanding of what true love is and the emotional capacity to express love for one another unconditionally.

Just a little "Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow" and ponder as you fall asleep tonight. Sleep well beloveds!

Until next time...Remember to keep your hearts open....and your LOVE light on! ~ Yours truly, Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow

Hello again Beloveds,

My Inspirational Love Notes, "Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow" message for you tonight is on four of my favorite words....Love...Honesty....Truth...and Respect. They are my four favorite words because I believe they are also the four key cornerstones to having a lasting relationship of any kind. The latter three of them being equally as essential as the first one...Love. Why? Because HONESTY....TRUTH....AND RESPECT are the seeds AND the soil that cultivates and gives birth to LOVE.
But this only works when there is a mutual exchange of these four words in the relationship expressed not in words....but through actions. Bottom line, Honesty....Truth... and Respect are the oxygen to Love. Yet, the four of them working together and mutually exchanged between two people is the life force energy that keeps any relationship alive. 
Without them, the relationship is absent of the strong foundation it needs to build anything lasting, and of quality, and of high value on. Which means if you're continuing to invest in a relationship that lacks Honesty, Truth, Respect, and Love you are essentially making a very bad investment of your emotions.
Just a little "Something to Tuck Under Your Pillow and ponder as you fall asleep tonight. Rest well beloveds!
Until next time....Remember to keep your heart open...and your LOVE light on! ~ Yours Truly ~ Anna MsPoest Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love 

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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