Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Better You...A Better Life

I hope no one gets offended by this post. But I saw this image and thought it completely resonates with my motto for this year.

You see, I have declared 2015 as my "Get Your **ish Together Year!" But that's not a New Year's Resolution. It's an "Unhappiness Solution!" What exactly does that mean? Well, let me explain.

It means as a child of the Most High God, who scripture tells me has promised me abundant life as long as I put Him first, which I do and have done since my childhood. I cannot and will not settle for less than I know in my heart I am here to Do....Be....Have.....Experience.....or Receive.

So what exactly do you mean by, "Abundant Life" you ask? Abundant life, to me means, Heaps of Happiness, Jubilant Joy, Pleasurable Peace, Plentiful Prosperity, Bountiful Blessings, Heavenly Health and a Wellspring of Wealth (in the form of unlimited supply which is not to be confused with being filthy rich).

This means, it is imperative to let go, move away from, separate or distance myself from any thoughts, emotions, beliefs, habits, behavior patterns, and yes....even People who are negatively affecting my ability to move to the next level of spiritual and personal growth and development.

It means, removing anything, thought or person that is dimming my light and suppressing my greatness from bursting forth and shining THROUGH ME.....AS ME.

It means, getting my affairs in order and taking that next big, VERY NECESSARY, leap of faith into my Divine Destiny and Greatest Potential to Be....Do....Have...Experience....the best version of me I can be.

Yes, I want better! I deserve better! It is my Divine Right to experience and have better! And 2015 is the year I am going after better with a heart of expectation and determination to receive better.

And I will no longer settle for less than the portion that's divinely mine. So help me God! In the name and NATURE of Jesus the Christ....And So It Is!!!

Now aren't you ready for YOUR better more abundant life too?

Until next time....I surround you in Love & Light! Sleep well and have a peaceful night! 

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A One Love Production
By Anna M. Hendricks
Copyright 2015 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow: A Dream of Love

 I have a dream....
that the universal language of love
 will be spoken by all and deeply felt....
All walls of resistance to love
 will come crumbling down, 
and all frozen hearts will melt....

I have a dream....
that the message of love
 I was born to bring....
Will be a beautiful song 
every soul will sing....
And love will no longer be taken 
for granted or seen,
as a quick fix you can get 
any day of the week,
from a common casual fling....

Love will instead be recognized, honored
 and cherished as a sacred
 spiritual thing....
And the power of love will
 once again reign supreme,
and the fears and false beliefs about love
 the mind of man will no longer cling....

Yes, I have a dream....
that my poems of love will be
a healing balm to the broken-hearted 
sparking a ripple effect 
of vibrational energy....
Compelling wounded souls
 to draw nearer to God,
no matter what their race or religious
 practices may be....

I have a dream....
that the words that pour forth from 
my mouth each day....
and the meditations of my heart 
will be acceptable to God
as I kneel down and pray....

Dear God, please use my talents and gifts 
in such a unique way....
That each Inspirational Love Note I write
will clearly convey....
That You are the potter and 
I am the clay....

This is my written vision of love,
made plain and clear today....
That it shall come to pass;
It shall not delay....

Yes, I have have a dream....
And the vision I'm dreaming of....
Is that all my creative bodies of work will
uplift, empower, encourage, and inspire,
the heart of humanity to return to Love.

Until next time....I surround you in Love & Light! Sleep well and have a peaceful night!

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A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2015 (Edited Version)
In Honor of MLK Holiday (January 19, 2015)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow: Sweet Dreams

As moonlight in the sky,
now shines so bright....
I pray that you sleep 
well tonight....

However the day,
did unfold....
A new beginning,
tomorrow holds....

So leave your worries
and cares in God's hands....
And trust in the perfection
of His Master Plan....

Let nothing disturb the
peaceful calm of your soul....
Rest in God's love,
and He will make you whole....

As Angel's stand guard,
round your bed out of
physical sight....
May you have sweet dreams,
Sleep well....Good Night! 

A One Love Production
Sweet Dreams Poem
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks

Until next time....I surround you in Love & Light!

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow:The Phoenix Rising Prayer

Dear God,

Help me to continue practicing patience
 and have a perfect peace...
While I wait on you and trust in you
 for my blessings to be released.

Make my enemies my footstool...
Yet, keep the love in my heart full, 
And like the Phoenix Rising 
from the ashes of despair... 

Let nothing...No One...No Thought...No Thing...
keep me feeling depressed, oppressed, 
or hold me down.
For I boldly declare....

My heart and my life belongs to you Dear Lord.... 
To whom no one can compare.

Until next time...I surround you in Love & Light! So sleep well and have a peaceful night!

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A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Something to Tuck Under Pillow:The Love You Seek Starts Within

What I have come to learn about love is likened to what I have also learned about happiness. Everything you seek is not only seeking you too...it STARTS with you. 

As adults we have all, at some point, experienced deep hurt and disappointment in our relationships with others. I'm sure we all have stories we can share where we have loved deeply and hard. Only to find the object of our affection did not see reciprocate the same level of love we gave. When this happens once or twice we find a way to recover. And in most cases we try at love again.

However, when we have repeatedly given our hearts fully and found our relationship experiences to be a reoccurring theme of disappointment we tend to develop a fear of loving again. When then close our hearts in order to protect ourselves. Yet in truth, the fear we feel is not really a fear of loving again. Rather,  it is a fear of being hurt again. But True Love doesn't hurt you...people do. 

The fortress you have built around your heart to protect you is really a false sense of security. It not only blocks love, or anything else, from getting in. It also blocks love from getting out. This creates a self-imposed prison you now are living in that serves you no good and blocks you from all the wonderful blessings that TRUE LOVE can  bring. 

And so it is that when you become truly ready and courageous enough to do the spiritual work within that is necessary to remove all the barriers around your heart you have built, your heart will naturally begin to open up to love again like a beautiful flower welcoming the falling rain.

When this natural process of healing happens, the Holy Spirit will answer your call to heal ALL your wounds from the past. As you become realigned with the vibrational energy of love again, Love will begin radiating from every fiber of your being. And as you allow genuine love to begin pouring forth again THROUGH you...you will also begin to see all that is in perfect alignment with genuine love attracting to you. It is the Law of the Universe in which we live that EVERYTHING you seek, including Love, starts within. 

This is just a little "Something to Tuck Under Your Pillow" to ponder as you drift off to sleep tonight. 

Until next time...I surround you in Love & Light! Sleep well and have a peaceful night! 

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A One Love Production
By Anna M. Hendricks
Copyright 2015

Friday, December 26, 2014

Something to Tuck Under Your Pillow: The Fruit of the Spirit

There's an old adage that says, "you can catch more bee's with honey than vinegar." I'd like to add to that by saying, you can get cooperation from others better with kindness than coldness.

 In the Holy Bible, Galatians 5:22-23 says, "The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, KINDNESS, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control."

Most of our relational discord and disharmony is due to the result of lack of self-control over our emotions. When we allow our emotions to run amok, provoked by fear thoughts of not getting something we want to go OUR way, we tend to have knee jerk reactions that leads to saying hurtful things that cannot be retrieved, forgotten or easily forgiven.

It also leads to negative behavior and reactions that lack wisdom which only ADDS to the problem rather than promote peace and cooperation toward finding a solution that's truly in the best interest of all. In addition, you still don't end up with the outcome you want. Along with the added consequence of the other person(s) involved becoming even less likely to have a positive response or spirit of cooperation to your desired request from them than before.

But when you learn to be led by spirit more than ego by practicing patience, KINDNESS, and emotional self-control, you will come to find that all the other fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness, will follow suit. You will then see the situation miraculously transformed and brought into Divine Order by the Holy Spirit.

Applying the fruit of the Spirit as your method of addressing any area of issue in your relationships will not only increase your power of influence toward getting a spirit of cooperation from those involved, it will lead you to a solution that's in the best and highest interest for ALL involved. It will also result in an outcome that is lasting and proves far better for everyone than behaving in a callous, cajoling and controlling manner in effort to get the outcome YOU want.

So next time you have a sticky, sensitive or difficult situation where there is strong opposition involved give this new approach a try. And remember, no matter how big or small the situation is or how long it has persisted, you will always have better interactions and outcomes in your relationships when you ask for spiritual guidance and practice applying the fruit of the Spirit. Then allow God's will not YOUR will to be done in His perfect way and time.

Until next time...I surround you in Love & Light! Sleep well...and have peaceful night! 

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A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright December 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Something to Tuck Under Your Pillow: Keeping the Dreamer in You Alive

Every dream begins with a dreamer. And everyone has a dream. Something you hold near and dear to your heart that you would like to see become a part of your reality experience in life. Yes, there's a bit of a dreamer in everyone that began in your early childhood years. And, contrary to popular opinion, every dreamer dreams big. It might not seem like it from another persons limited perspective of looking from the outside in. But everyone has a vision for their life that's meaningful to them. And from the dreamers point of view their dream is big. 

Rather your dream is to someday be a devoted, loving wife and mother. Or you're a good man desiring to become happily mated and married with two kids and a dog. Perhaps your dream is to become the first in your family to graduate from college. It may seem mediocre to someone else. But in the heart of the person holding that vision for their life it is big. And no one has the right to judge you as not dreaming big enough. 

You see, not everyone is called, or have a personal desire, to live a grandiose lifestyle among the rich and famous. But just because your dreams don't involve material wealth and affluence doesn't mean it is a dream of less importance or value than the person who does dream of having those things. Everyone measures happiness and success differently. And to the person who dreams of  being happily married with a white picket fenced house and a beautiful family of their own to fill it, that's happiness to them. 

Or the person who dreams of returning to college and finally finishing that degree they never completed earlier in life, to them that's huge.  Or the person who dreams of having a life surrounded by trustworthy people who are true friends. People who really have your best interest at heart. To those people, seeing those dreams come true will give them personal fulfillment which is the true measure of happiness and success. 

So never belittle another person's dreams. Never judge anther person's heart desires for their life as less significant, less important, less valuable than yours. Never devalue or reduce someone else's dream to being mediocre simply because it doesn't seem as "grand"  as the dreams, vision, and desires you may have for your life. Remember, everyone has dreams. And everyone dreams big. Because they dream of something that holds personal significance, value and importance to them. 

More importantly, keep the dreamer in you alive. And never give up on your dreams no matter what anyone else's opinion of your dream is.  After all, just like beauty, the magnitude and value of a dream is always in the eye of the beholder. So dream on...and dream Big!!! 

Until next time...I surround you in Love & light!

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A One Love Production
By Anna M. Hendricks
Copyright December 2014