Saturday, November 15, 2014

Something to Tuck Under Your Pillow: Self Love...The Prerequisite to Loving Other's

Do you have a co-worker, roommate, friend, family member, neighbor or mate that has things about their personality that really irritates you? It's okay to admit it, we all have (or have had) someone in our lives like that at some point. The thing is, in most cases, those little irritants that get under our skin and pushes our emotional "hot" button the most about another person is usually a behavior trait, characteristic or habit that we really don't like about our self but may not be consciously aware of.

You see, our relationships with others mirror back to us the area's within ourselves that still need healing, maturity, acceptance, development, strengthening, and growth. So it follows that a perceived weakness or other irritant we can easily see, and quickly judge, in others may actually be something we are subconsciously rejecting, denying, dismissing or refusing to accept about ourselves. Which, ironically, is why it's so easy to detect it in other people. 

So before you harshly judge that trait or habit about that co-worker, roommate, friend, family member, neighbor or mate that gets on your nerves so badly, ask Spirit to reveal to you what that person has come to mirror to you about you. Ask that it be revealed to you in a way that you will clearly understand. 

Invite the Holy Spirit to show you the part(s) of you that you need to accept, heal, or mature within yourself the most that this person has been attracted into your life to help you realize. Then practice patience when interacting with that person while trusting the universe to respond to your request in a timely manner and perfect  way. Also, pay attention and remain alert so that you don't miss the answer when it shows up.

Once you've received the answers you asked Spirit for give thanks. Then begin doing the inner work necessary to change, heal or accept that part of you that is being reflected back to you through the other person. Once you do this one of two things will happen. The other person will suddenly no longer do that "thing" that irritates you so much. Or they will suddenly leave your life path in a most peaceful and harmonious way. 

In either case, the second most important commandment Jesus gave in Mark 12:28-31 is to, "love your neighbor as thyself". But before you can truly uphold and fulfill this commandment you must learn to completely love and accept yourself without judgment first. In other words, you cannot give away what you have not yet fully acquired. Loving and accepting yourself wholly is a prerequisite to loving and accepting another. So attached below is a wonderful affirmation on self love to help you get started. 

Read it. Then tuck it under your pillow to pull out and repeat every time you find something about yourself to nick pick or something about another that irritates you. Use it as a tool to help you learn to love and accept all of you...just as you are. So you can learn to love and accept others just the same. 

Until next time....I surround you in Love & Light! Sleep well...Good Night! 

A One Love Production
By Anna "Ms.Poet" Hendricks
Copyright November 2014


Friday, November 14, 2014

Something to Tuck Under Your Pillow: Two Keys to a Peaceful Sleep

Ephesians 4:26 gives us two very brief, clear and direct instructions regarding how to handle our anger each day.

1.) Do not (sin) by allowing your anger to control you.

2.) Do not let the sun go down while still holding on to whatever caused you
      to become angry.

If you choose to be obedient to the guidance and wise counsel of this scripture, written by the Apostle Paul, I think you will find it to be highly beneficial to getting a more peaceful, restful, sound sleep at night. Not to mention, these instructions will also get you through the day with far less stress and anxiety that so many people bring home to their beds at night. 

So before going to sleep tonight save the message in the above attached image along with the aforementioned scripture. Tuck it under your pillow as a reminder to control your anger during the day. Then release and let go of any and every perceived offense that may have caused you to become angry throughout your day before going to bed each night.

This will not only make a major difference in you experiencing a more peaceful sleep...but also a more peaceful life. Sleep well...Good night!

Until next time...I surround you in Love & Light!

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A One Love Production
By Anna "Ms. Poet" Hendricks
Copyright November 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cut off Your Fruitless Branches

This is a picture of the tree in front of my house. A few days ago they cut off several of its branches, as shown here in the picture attached if you look closely. I've spent many days under this beautiful tree over the years and have developed a sentimental attachment to it. So my first reaction was a bit of sadness in my heart to see all the branches falling to the ground.
As I stood there, watching from my living room window, my heart felt the weight of each limb that came crashing down as the chain saw severed straight through it. Suddenly, I was reminded of the following scripture:

"I am the true vine, and my Father is the laborer. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit, he cuts off; and the one which bears fruit, he prunes so that it may bring forth more fruit." ~John 15:1-2

 My remembrance of this scripture gave birth to a profound revelation for me and a new perspective of this, otherwise sentimental and kind of sad, experience. 

I realized, sometimes the things holding us back and hindering our continued growth the most is not external but internal. Like this tree, we all have some "branches" within us that need to be completely cut off or pruned. 

If you're not sure how to identify them, they usually show up in the form of habitual negative thoughts, old beliefs that no longer serve you, and long held toxic emotions that need to be purified through forgiveness and let go. Holding onto to these, "branches" causes an adverse affect on your attitude, mood and behavior preventing you from bearing fruit in your life. 

Additionally, when we carrying such thoughts, feelings, and beliefs for a long period of time we become attached to them...comfortable with them. And yes, even addicted to them. They also can become so deeply imbedded in your consciousness that they are mistaken as just a part of your personality. But scripture tells us that everything God created was good. So no one is born with a negative energy filled personality that serves them no good, sabotages all their relationships, and turns people off from wanting to be around them.

That being said, it's clear to see that holding on to them is doing you more of a disservice than good. Truth is, even though they are negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs, they have become familiar to you. So it is difficult to let them go without experiencing a bit of grief as is the case with anything you've grown accustom to having around.  So letting them go in exchange for new more positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs is like the saying, "It's easier to stick with the devil that you know verses the devil that you don't know".  

Not to mention, the ego will put up a really good fight over your decision to release and let go of them as well until you replace them with new more productive thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that align with the truth of your being and are more conducive to your overall betterment and growth. 

Yet, despite that fact, don't let those internal fruitless branches weigh you down or hold back your progress another day. It will prove far more worth it in the end to release them to God now with a simple prayer of serenity and surrender. So you can move forward in love and life...FRUITFULLY, as God intended for us all.

Until next time...I surround you in Love & Light! ~ Anna MsPoet Hendricks

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A One Love Production
By Anna Ms.Poet Hendricks
Copyright November 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Choosing to Change Your Life

Are you unhappy with the quality of your life? Have you been struggling to figure out how to get from where you are to the life you really want? Well, the road to changing your life begins with having a new vision for your life and making different choices that will rewrite the next chapter of your life story.

The most effective way to use your power of choice, that will cause a domino effect leading to your end goal of changing your life into the life you really want, begins with changing your perspective about your life. 

Here's how changing your perspective leads to changing your life:

Changing your perspective causes a shift in consciousness.
A shift in consciousness produces a change in self-limiting beliefs.
A change in beliefs evokes a change in attitude.

A change in attitude inspires you to break bad habits.
Breaking bad habits leads to discontinuing self-sabotaging behavior patterns.
Discontinuing self-sabotaging behavior patterns increases better judgment.

Better judgment encourages better choices.
Better choices attracts more desirable, fulfilling experiences.
More desirable, fulfilling experiences awakens true happiness.
True happiness points the way to deeper, lasting, genuine joy.

Genuine joy gives birth to inner peace.
Inner Peace comes from being your authentic self.
Being your authentic self frees you to follow your heart's desires.

Following your heart unfolds the path to your life purpose.
Living in alignment with your life purpose automatically opens the way to living life more abundantly.

Living a more abundant life means, having greater health, wealth, happiness, joy, and love.
Greater health, wealth, happiness, joy, and love allows you to live the life you really want.

Living the life you really want is the true measure and meaning of success. 
Achieving true success begins with changing your perspective. 
Changing your perspective simply requires invoking your power of choice.

Until next time...I surround you in Love & Light! 

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A One Love Production 
By Anna Ms. Poet Hendricks
Copyright October 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Attitude is Everything

Let's face it! We all have situations we experience from time to time that feels unpleasant, frustrating, throws us off balance, and disrupts our ability to stay focused on other task, projects, or goals we deem important to us. Life is always going to throw us a curve ball every now and then, that's just the way it is. 

While it may be a fact of life that we have no power or control over the unexpected interruptions to our life goals and plans; we do however have enormous power and control over the attitude we hold in response to what comes on our life path. 

Attitude is everything! And I have come to learn, from my own personal experiences as well as observing the attitudes of people in my professional and personal relationships, that much of the cause for our (meaning most humans ) unhappiness is not so much what happens to us as it is the attitude we have in response to what happens to us.  

I have found this to be especially true on social media. It is so heavy latent with negative comments and messages people post. In fact, social media has become so inundated with people complaining and having such negative, critical, judgmental, condemning attitudes that I'm starting to find it worse than watching the nightly news. 

Which is why I began my Facebook group page, Inspirational Poetry & Love Notes,
where I post daily positive messages like this. All of the post I share here and on my Facebook group page are intended to be a source of inspirational, uplifting, encouraging messages that infuse people with positive energy and love rather than jump on the negative energy and attitude band wagon.

There's a lot of people out there hurting while silently praying and searching for a way to be relieved of the great deal of pain they are in. I also know first hand that many people have been walking around carrying that hurt and hiding their wounded places within for so long that it's now spilling over into their attitude toward life in general. 

Unfortunately their anger and frustration with their own life is being projected in their interactions with others. Especially those closest to them who love them most, like friends and family.  

I am not exempt from having such a human experiences from time to time. Yet, when I'm feeling overwhelmed by life's stresses to the point of needing an attitude adjustment, I have found that looking for the good in everything, even the things that don't feel good, helps to ease my emotional pain and lift the fog of frustration. 

The most effective method I've used and found to be the quickest way to help me realign my thoughts, shift my perspective and adopt a more positive attitude is by making a gratitude list.

So here's a gratitude challenge for you. Starting today complain about nothing and be grateful for EVERYTHING. No matter what the situation, whatever unexpected twist or turns life throws at you, or how your day unfolds, look for the good in it.  If you need help putting this into practice read Romans 8:28, which says, "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God..."

For the next seven days, every time you find yourself having a negative attitude about anything, complaining or thinking and speaking negative, critical, judgmental, condemning thoughts or comments; stop yourself and go make a gratitude list. Write down at least seven things that you are grateful for in your life.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started in case you can't think of anything:

Waking up this morning, still breathing, able to walk, talk, sit down and have the sound mind and physical ability to write a gratitude list are seven things to be grateful for right there.    

Also, while doing this gratitude challenge for the next seven days, refrain from complaining on social media and in your personal life relationships. Fast from reading, or engaging in any negative news or conversations. Either excuse yourself from the conversation and walk away or change the topic of conversation by sharing something positive. 

Another way of expressing gratitude is by letting your spouse, mate, children and true friends know how much you love and appreciate them. 

Everyone likes to hear words of affirmation. We all like to know that we are important to those we're closest to and love. Verbally expressing gratitude and appreciation to them for all they do and the role they play in your life will reassure them that you do not take them or the relationship you share for granted. 

Bottom line, a poor attitude of criticizing, complaining, and focusing on the negative will only attract to you more things to criticize, complain and be negative about. Yet, keeping a positive attitude by appreciating the blessings you've already been given while looking for the good in everything that is and expecting greater good to come, will attract your miracles and blessings to you much faster.  

This occurs because in most cases it's our own negative, critical attitude and energy that's blocking the manifestation of miracles and blessings that we're praying for and waiting to receive.  

Remember, to complain may be human...but an attitude of gratitude is divine. 

Until next time, I surround you in Love & Light! 

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A One Love Production 
By Anna Ms. Poet Hendricks
Copyright September 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shift Your Perspective and Shift Your Life

Are you praying for a miracle or waiting for a breakthrough?'s not just up to God to make it happen. It's up to you too. God can only give to you what YOU allow to come THROUGH you. 

Sometimes we block our blessings by blocking our hearts from being open and receptive to receive the good that's divinely ours. God has already made our good readily available for us in the Spirit realm. So His end of the deal is already done.

But you can't have an open heart to receive the divine good that awaits you while maintaining a closed mind.

You have to be willing to let go of negative thoughts and resistance to change your perspective. You have to be willing to see things from a different point of view.

Perhaps a shift in consciousness is the only thing really standing between where you are and where you wanna be. It just may be the key to unlocking and unleashing your blessings.

Until next time...I surround you in Love & Light! ~ Anna MsPoet Hendricks

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A One Love Production
By Anna Ms.Poet Hendricks
Copyright September 2014