Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought: Perfect Love Cast Out Fear

If you're looking for the perfect person you'll be looking and waiting your whole life and never be in happy, fulfilling relationship. Looking and waiting for the perfect person will also cause you to over look some really great people who may have the potential to be the best thing and biggest blessing that has ever happened to you.

Too often people have the huge misperception that when to find their soul mate is to find this perfect person who will love them and everything will be rainbows and butterflies forevermore.

What life and love has taught me,however, is that there are no perfect people. There is no Mr. or Mrs. Right. Mr. and Mrs. Right is an illusion...a myth. But there is a person, I believe, who is the best person suited for you. Yes, I believe wholeheartedly there is a divine right person out there for everyone who desires a be in a healthy, loving relationship and share their life with a life partner.

So for me... I don't expect people to be perfect. Because when you do you will be end up deeply disappointment every time. I no longer look for or expect to meet my "Mr. Right."

What I am open to and believe exist for me is the imperfect man who accepts my imperfections as I accept his. A man who also is loyal, has strong character, integrity, beautiful soul that is the most compatible with mine and a genuine, pure and open heart that loves and honors God, and is ready and willing to receive the unconditional, love I have to pour into his heart as he pours his love into my heart as well.

No there is no such thing as perfect people. But there is a such thing as perfect love. And just like the scriptures tells us in 1 John 4:18, "perfect love cast out fear..."

And with the fear of being disappointed, yet again, when people inevitably fail at being perfect, removed from your heart you are better able to let the perfect love in of that imperfect person that's ready, willing, wanting and waiting to love you the way you deserve. You will also be better prepared and able to allow yourself to show them unconditional love in return. To find someone who loves you unconditionally is about as perfect as Love can get.

Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! ~ Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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References: Holy Bible, 1 John 4:18,

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought:A Miracle Prayer

For those of you in need of a miracle.....looking for a miracle....expecting a miracle...waiting on a miracle...ready for your miracle. My Inspirational Love Notes message for you tonight is a beautifully written miracle prayer filled with and fueled by Love.

I hope you had a wonderful and safe weekend and an even better abundant week. Sleep well and good night beloveds!

Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! ~Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow:You Hold The Power To Change Your Life

I once her it said or read somewhere that your life is God's gift to you what you do with it is your gift back to God. What this ultimately means is that YOU are the ONLY one responsible for YOUR life. No one else.

People can have either a profound effect on your life in a positive or negative way. Other's can support you in achieving the vision and purpose for your life as well. But YOU are the only one who can actually change your life into whatever you dream or envision it to be. You are the one that has to be willing to do the work...the inner work and outer work....required to shift shape your life from what it currently is to what you deeply desire within for it to become. bad do you want that change to come? How hungry are you for that more abundant life you desire and deserve where you experience bounty in every area, health, wealth, relationships, purpose, career, and even love abundance? But the real question is, what are you willing to change internally in order to see the external change you want to see in your life?

Reality is, the clock is ticking every single day you wake up. The sand in that hour glass of life is gradually running out for us all with each day the sun rises and sets again. So it seems the first thing we need to be willing to do is to STOP wasting the precious time we have left waiting for something or someone outside ourselves to come rescue the hero and save the day by changing your life for you. You be the change....You ARE the change...the change you want to see in you.

With that said, change you thoughts...change your perception....change your beliefs...change your childhood conditioning and programming...change your habits...change your diet...change your entire paradiagm....change the people you hang around...change your living space or location....change your job, profession, career.

Whatever it takes. Whatever you have to do. Just be more willing to make whatever necessary changes you need to make in order to see the change you desire to experience in you life. Either way, the choice is yours.

This is just a little "Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow" to ponder as you fall asleep tonight! 

Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! ~ Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

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A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow: The Flagship of True Friendship

There comes a time along our human journey where we all will experience a temporary season in life that will challenge you to your core....stretch you beyond your comfort zone....and take you to your darkest places within. If you haven't gotten to that season yet don't worry....keep living, it will eventually come.

Yet, what I've come to learn from those testy seasons in life the most is that:

a) Those same seasons in life that feel like they have come to BREAK you have really come to BLESS you by making you stronger, wiser and better than you were before.

b) No matter how ugly those times in life look or how awful they may feel, truth is they have only come to pass THROUGH your life NOT stay with you forever. Although it may feel as though it's taking forever for things to get better to where you can see the light at the end of tunnel. Hold on, there is a rainbow in the mist of those clouds and it sure does have a pot of gold waiting for you on the other side for all that you've been through. 

c) When the dark clouds that come during a storm in nature, the light of the sun is still shining even in the mist of the storm. Although the clouds of the storm may block your view from realizing this to be true while the storm is still underway, once the storm has completed its, sometimes vicious, other times scary, but most times just very uncomfortable, cycle and moves on the light of the sun reveals itself again. 

The same is true with the light that is shining within you. Your inner light is eternal because it is the light of the Most High, your holy creator. It is the light of your soul where the true essence and divinity within you lives. 

It can sometimes be dimmed by the clouds of the dark seasons in life that come to pass us like thunder storms. But NOTHING and NO ONE can ever destroy or put out your inner light. After that storm in your life has passed, just like the sun following a thunder storm, your inner light will reveal itself and RISE within you yet again. 

d) I have found all the aforementioned processes during those dark seasons in life, that eventually leads back to your inner light shining again, are all much easier to GO through and GROW through when you are shown the loyalty, support, understanding, compassion, patience, kindness and love of a true friend.

And the irony to this is that you only discover who those true friends are when you are actually in eye balls deep in the mist of that season that feels like an horrific storm passing through your life.

So if you have at least one person in your life who has proven to be a lasting and loyal true friend through your spring, summer, winter and fall seasons in your life, then share this message with them and let them know how much you appreciate their presence in your life. Thank them for standing by you during those rough times in life and celebrating you during your best times in life.

This is just a little "Something To Tuck Under Your Pillow" to ponder as you fall asleep tonight. 

Until next time...remember to keep your hearts open and your LOVE lights on!!! ~ Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought: One Love Chain Challenge

Hello again beloved's! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a pretty quiet weekend with my daughter. I also did a lot of thinking and reflecting on the things I've been observing lately in the society we live in today. And it really disappoints me to see the lack of courtesy, consideration, love and compassion being shown to one another that we've come to as a society.

In the physical realm we are individuals. But truth is, we are really spiritual beings FIRST having a human experience. Therefore, from the spiritual perspective we are all connected as one. So as human individual's even though we have our separate lives be not deceived by this. Each of our lives does have an effect on the other.

The actions of one causes a ripple effect that, even though you can't always see the consequences of it, it does cause a ripple like throwing a pebble into a pond. It causes ring of waves that spans out into the water beyond the obvious that your eyes can see.

So tonight I'd like to invite you to join me in what I'm calling the One Love Chain Challenge. And all it requires of you to keep the chain of love going is to share this post with someone, or however many you choose, that you love. Also, in the forward message box just tell them you love them and ask them to keep the love chain going by passing it on as well. Also, at the bottom of your, "I Love You", message add the hash tag:#OneLoveChainChallenge.

That's it! That's all I ask of you. And I ask it of you because it really saddens me to see the lack of love, compassion, consideration, thoughtfulness, and staying connected with one another that things like technology, texting, and social media is contributing largely to us not doing any more.

Expressing our love for one another, staying connected by actually calling to check in on one another, visiting each other and spending quality time with those you love is something we truly cannot afford to become a lost art. With that said, I invite you challenge you to join me in spreading this chain of love. And I'll begin by sending this message to you and telling you I Love You! Now it's your turn. Pass it on!

Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on! ~ Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love


A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought:You Are A Reflection of God's Love

If God is our true Source, and God is love, and we are made in God's image and likeness, and cannot be separated from our Source, then it is also safe to say that we (you) are the embodiment  of God's love. We are...Love personified. 

So in order to live a life that is more reflective of our true Source's (God's) characteristics it's important to align yourself with the true essences of your divine source daily. How do you this? By taking time each day to center your mind and align you heart with the divine heart and mind of God, which is to align your heart and mind with LOVE. 

If you don't already have a morning ritual that aligns you with the power of love here's one of mine you can use. 

Wake up each day and affirm, "I AM the physical expression of LOVE in action!!! I live by the divine law of LOVE. And Love is victorious in my mind, body, relationships and affairs here and now!!!"

Then go out into the world and about your day making a conscious effort to see everyone through the eye's of love. And in everything you do let your actions be done with the intention to awaken love in other's. Do all that you do with a heart of love and consciously practice being a reflection of the love of your Source, the love in which you were created, the love that the core of our being we all truly are. 

Do this daily to the best of your ability with a genuine heart and intentions, even when other's are not behaving in ways that reflects the love they are back to you,  and watch abundant doses of love attract back to you in ways that blesses every area of your life unimaginable. 

Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! ~ Anna MsPoetHenricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday's Food For Thought:Your Blessings Will Pursue You

 When my spiritual mother was still on this side of heaven, we would quite often have conversations about how to know if people were meant to be in your life or not. Each time we would have those conversations, filled with her spiritual insight and pearls of wisdom, she would say to me, "baby...anyone who's supposed to be in your life ain't going nowhere. You don't have to chase your blessings. Seek God, focus on your relationship with him, and when you look up one day the person he has in mind for you will be standing right there in front of you."

With that being said, my message tonight is for my fellow ladies who may be wondering if the person you're in a relationship with is really the right person for you. First, know that you are a Goddess. You are God's beautiful gift to man. You are the prize. And you need not chase after any good thing your heart desires. There is a scripture my spiritual mom used to say to me all the time on this subject as well from Psalm 37:4, which says, "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."  

I believe wholeheartedly that everyone of us, created by God, who is love, in his image and likeness of love, all deserve to be loved. I also believe there is someone out there that is a perfect match for everyone who desires to be mated and in love with another. Yet, as a woman, our job is not the hunter, man's is. Therefore, it is not our duty to seek the man but man's job to seek us. 

Our job is to seek God, delight ourselves in God, ask God to reveal to us the man...the mate....the husband....he has in mind for us for his higher purpose and calling. Then through your trusting God and waiting on him to send that divine right man he has ordained to be your mate into your life, you will attract the right one for you to you. In the meantime, it would behoove us to use that waiting period to allow God to prepare us for the coming of that man. In so doing, we allow God to give us the desires of our heart. 

When a woman takes it upon herself to chase after a man she throws this natural and divine process out of order which leads to her confusion over rather or not he is the right man. This also, more times than not, results in the deep hurt and disappointment she endures as a consequence when this type of relationship inevitably doesn't work out. do you know if the person you're in a relationship with is really the right person for you sent by God? You'll know because he will come after you. He will pursue you consistently, with sheer determination, persistence, focus, passion, clear intention and drive just like he goes after anything else in life he really wants. Remember, men are hunters and they pursue hard and relentlessly anything they really want or truly desire to have...and ladies....that includes you. There will be no guessing on your part and no need for you to convince him to stay. There will be no need to do anything to win him over or prove to him why you are worthy of him. 

In fact, just the opposite will be the case. He will be the one going out of his way and doing everything possible to win you over. He will be the one chasing hard after you and doing whatever it takes just to be in your space and spend time with you. And as far as proving your worthiness to him, he will treat you in a manner that clearly affirms that your very being, just as you are, is already more than enough for him. All you will have to do is just be your authentic self. And the one that's right for you will see you, accept you, and love you as you are. 

So if you find yourself having to do all the work to get his attention and step outside your character to hold his attraction, he's not the guy for you. If you notice that he's always trying to find reasons and excuses to leave you, break up with you, or can find time to do any and everything else but never makes spending quality time with a priority, then he's not the one for you. If you find yourself investing far more energy and effort than he is to maintain the relationship then he's not the one for you. 

Most importantly, as I mentioned earlier ladies, you are the gift, you are the prize, and you are very much worth fighting for. Therefore, if he's always fighting with you but he's not willing to fight for you, protect and defend your honor and the integrity of your relationship, he is definitely not the one for you. When a man truly loves you his actions will align with his words. Better yet...his actions will precede his words. Better still...his actions will out weigh his words.

In other words, he will leave no room for doubt in your mind of his genuine feelings for you. Because what he is willing to do for you more than what he says to you will be all the proof you need to know how much he truly cherishes, appreciates, honors, adores, respects, and loves you. And in my opinion, anything less than that is simply not worth you settling for.

Now I'm no relationship expert. Neither am I a life counselor or ordain minister. So how do I know all this to be true you might be thinking. How am I able to speak on this with such boldness, conviction, and confidence that what I've shared here with you today is truth? Simple. Because I've lived long enough to have experienced being on both ends of this relationship stick. So I'm speaking to you on this from my own personal experience, as well as, the wisdom my dear spiritual mother gave me, who was, by the way, an ordained minister and life coach. I also speak from all the mistakes in behavior and judgment I've seen so many of my girlfriends make in this area of life.

But as for me, I have had the man who saw my light, pursued me hard, won me over, loved me tenderly, and unconditionally, and treated me with the utmost respect, honor, and appreciation. He protected me as well as our relationship, defended my honor even to his close friends and family if necessary, and showed me consistently how much he cherished me until the day he made his unfortunate transition from this life far too soon.

On the other hand, I have also experienced a relationship that was on the polar opposite end of that spectrum with a man who was half-hearted in his actions and intentions of me from the very beginning. Yet I found it easier, at the time, to over look all those red flags, like most of us women are guilty of doing, and live with the beautiful lie of who I wanted to see him as being rather than face the ugly truth of who he was clearly showing me he really was . 

He displayed behavior and words to me that were unloving and less than honorable towards me from the gate. But I wrote it off and like most women, again, I was too forgiving where I should have held him accountable and cut him off early on. In the end, I stay way passed what should have been the expiration date of the relationship. And as a result of doing so, his treatment towards me continued to become increasingly disrespectful, dishonorable, unloving, unkind and left me feeling not even remotely close to being cherished. 

Until finally, it reached the point of him being blatantly verbally and emotionally abusive towards me. And if that's not enough, another major red flag and clue that this was clearly not the man God had in mind for me was that, as I mentioned early, he was always...and I mean always....finding any and every smallest reason, disagreement, or excuse to justify his repeated plans to leave. He was also never ever willing to fight for me, protect our relationship or much less defend my honor. 

Eventually, I came to my senses, began listening to everything God had been clearly showing me for some time, and I began taking my power back by first releasing that person and relationship from my life. In the aftermath of that experience, I know that he will eventually have to answer to God regarding the unwarranted abusive manner in which he treated me. Yet, I take full responsibility for allowing myself to be subjected to such treatment for as long as I did. And although I still have to pray almost daily for God to help me forgive him for treated me that way and myself for allowing someone to treat me that way for that long of time, there are a few good things that came from what I've lived through. One of those blessings is my now very clear ability to see and know for certain the difference between a good man that is truly God sent and genuinely loves me and one who is clearly not.

So I hope my sharing a little of my story and life lessons in love with you in this message, will help whoever among you who read this that needs it the most. If not please pass it on to someone in your girlfriend/sister circle who you think will benefit from it. And remember the words of Psalm 23:6 that says of God, "your goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life." The operative words here being "shall follow me" not me chase after it. 

Bottom line, you do not have to chase your blessings ladies. Your blessings from God will pursue you. They will follow after you. The man that God has for you will also, in God's perfect time, seek you, find you, pursue you, win you over, respect you, honor you, appreciate you, adore you, defend you, cherish you, and just like the old Barry White song, he will also love you... Just The Way You Are. Most importantly, he will leave no room for doubt in your heart or mind that he is indeed the divine right man for you.

Until next time....remember to keep your heart open and your LOVE light on!!! ~ Anna MsPoet Hendricks - Your Inspirational Goddess of Love

A One Love Production 
By Anna MsPoet Hendricks
Copyright 2016

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